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Middleware – Cortex AgentTM

Middleware – Cortex AgentTM

An Internet of Things (IoT) middleware that seamlessly integrates devices on industrial internet. It offers a complete suite of features for end-to-end management of various types of devices and applications for any cloud platform or centralised infrastructure.


OPC UA Compliant

OPC UA Compliant

  • Address space: all data is represented hierarchically (e.g. files and folders) allowing for simple and complex structures to be discovered and utilised by OPC client
  • On-demand: read and write data/information based on access-permissions
  • Subscriptions: monitor data/information and report-by-exception when values change based on a client’s criteria
  • Events: notify important information based on client’s criteria
  • Supported profiles include OPC DA and AC. HDA profile coming soon
  • Supports communication over opc.tcp, http and https. Can be configured to run in hybrid mode
Data Source Connectivity

Data Source Connectivity

  • Supports connectivity with any device, any platform, any network. Currently supported device protocols include Modbus, SNMP and IEC61850. Connectivity to enterprise SCADA systems over OPC UA
  • Device Protocol layers allows addition of device protocols at later stage
  • Integration with OPC UA complaint solutions to acquire data in real-time and command processing
Messaging Platforms

Messaging Platforms

  • Supports multiple messaging interfaces for remote data logging which include Kafka, ActiveMQ, MSMQ, MQTT
  • Eliminate data loss due to connectivity with support for queues, automatically queues the data in case of connectivity loss
  • Data Repository

    Data Repository

    Currently supported databases : SQL Server, MongoDB and Casandra. Set your frequency for historisation on interval based or on-data change.

  • Edge Computing

    Edge Computing

    Inbuilt computations and low level analytics with inbuilt expression evaluation and editor.

  • end-to-end Device Management

    End-to-end Device Management

    Provides a repository to build and manage a device library locally or on the cloud model and profile devices once and use the models for faster deployments.


Protecting and securing your sensitive data is our priority
OPC UA is firewall-friendly while addressing security concerns by providing a suite of controls
Transport Transport

Numerous protocols are defined providing options such as the ultra fast OPC - binary transport or the more universally compatible SOAP-HTTPS, for example.

Session Encryption Session Encryption

Messages are transmitted securely at 128 or 256 bit encryption levels.

Message Signing Message Signing

Messages are received exactly as they were sent.

Sequenced Packets Sequenced Packets

Exposure to message replay attacks is eliminated with sequencing.

Authentication Authentication

Each UA client and server is identified through OpenSSL certificates providing control over which applications and systems are permitted to connect with each other.

User Control User Control

Applications can require users to authenticate (login credentials, certificate, etc.) and can further restrict and enhance their capabilities with access rights and address-space “views”.